• Hi!
    I'm Sebastien


About me

I got an internship at Google during my first year of university.
Later I moved to the HFT world with JumpTrading.
I have done several projects, including opening 2 startups:

  • Dexm: a cryptocurrency 300 times faster than Ethereum
  • MyVoucherPlace: a website to help restaurants earn money by selling vouchers
In high school I won an AI competition organized by MIT for university and high school students all over the world.

Web Developer

Backend and MERN stack


Distributed public blockchain network

Deep Learning

Reinforcement learning and Generative Adversarial Networks


Binary analysis and Reverse engineering



Member of 3 groups:

  • Reverse engineering CTF player with Spritzers
  • Competitive programming team member in Thecodingdei
  • Developer in the CubeSat team to detect debris collisions in the space
  • Advanced training in computer security cyberchallenge.it
  • Learned how mitigate attacks from binaries and websites

Among the few italian students selected to be mentees, with acceptance rate below 20%.

LeadTheFuture empowers top-performing students to achieve their goals giving one-on-one guidance from mentors coming from the world’s leading STEM.


Work Experience

JumpTrading, TechOps Intern, London Jul-Sep 2021

  • Build automation to manage and improve the production trading environment
  • Proactively monitored the overall health and performance of the trading platform

Google, Site Reliability Engineering Intern, Zurich Jun-Sep 2020

I worked with 2 different teams because I finished my first project in 1 month out of 3:

  • YouTube SRE: developed an alert system to detect when a server goes down or is overloaded
  • Perfetto SWE: implemented tools to trace and analyze performance of chrome and android apps
I also got 4th place Google Hash Code for Interns globally with over 700 interns

My Projects

Personal Projects


Startup project

Dexm is a proof of stake cryptocurrency wrote entirely from scratch in Golang. It allows you to exchange dexm-coins and run smart contracts in a secure and decentralized way


Startup project

MyVoucherPlace is a website help restaurants earn money by selling vouchers created by them

Skin Cancer Segmentation

40+ star on github

Deep learning model to Segment and Classify Skin Cancer with 92% accuracy

Anime Character Generator

Generate anime face using Auxiliary classifier Generative Adversarial Networks

Video Meeting

80+ star on github

Video Meeting is a video conference website that lets you stay in touch with all your friends


Storage is a safe place that let you store, share and access your files completely anonymously while keeping them secure

Get in Touch


Telegram: @bsebastien